Sedgemoor District Council integrates Pentana Risk to embed a culture of strategic clarity

Sedgemoor District Council useĀ Pentana Risk to manage its risk framework and create a positive ā€˜culture of improvementā€™.Ā 

Since implementing the software, they have transformed their risk management system from a traditional, manual paper-based one into a streamlined, resourceful and effective way of administering processes.


  • Considerably improved risk levels across the organisation
  • Strengthening corporate governance, such as monitoring and ensuring delivery of audit
  • Water-tight tracking and analysis of day-to-day risk management
  • Simultaneous, real-time management of hundreds of live actions currently in the system

Looking ahead, we will be migrating to the browser version of the system to take advantage of real-time dashboards to present our performance to the Executive and Management Team. The presentations we have done so far have been well-received and being able to visualise performance in charts and tables on-screen helps focus our improvement activity.

Andrew Melhuish - Democratic and Performance Services Manager
Sedgemoor District Council

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