Ideagen’s APIs help Jazz Air integrate with Q-Pulse for streamlined reporting

Operating more domestic Canadian flights than any airline, serving dozens of US destinations, and undertaking numerous domestic and international charters, Jazz Air (Jazz) is one of Canada’s largest air carriers.

With more than 5,000 staff and 128 aircraft, the airline identified Q-Pulse from Ideagen as the solution to streamline their safety management system (SMS) processes.

During the Q-Pulse implementation period, it was clear that many existing SMS activities would be streamlined using Q-Pulse, developed by Ideagen, as a one-stop solution. However, Jazz had a web-based safety reporting system in place and felt it was unnecessary to re-train their staff to use Q-Pulse to raise reports – especially as they deal with 500+ such reports from front-line staff each month. What Jazz Air required was an ability to have their existing reporting process integrated into their new Q-Pulse system.


  • A flexible solution that fits with existing SMS
  • Encourages safety reporting culture
  • Integrates existing safety data capture
  • Seamless and user-friendly safety reporting

Being able to integrate data captured outside Q-Pulse, and considering all the other strengths that Q-Pulse offers, means the software is very much a viable SMS solution in an environment where front-line reporting is at such a high volume. With this ability, Q-Pulse becomes a strong platform for aviation SMS.

David Deveau - Director of Safety Quality and Environment
Jazz Air Canada

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