Ideagen’s Pentana Audit enables CAFOD’s internal audit team to be more resilient

An international charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, CAFOD has been using Pentana Audit to support its small internal audit team and to streamline the complex process of delivering efficient, consistent audits.

Living up to the multiple expectations set by various stakeholders, the team needed a product to provide them with an in-depth view of potential risks, and a process to track audit recommendations and conduct audits remotely.

The flexible and user-friendly interface of Pentana Audit has given the team the confidence to deliver effective, consistent, and efficient audits in a streamlined process, alongside enhancing team resilience.


  • A centralised system to provide an in-depth overview of all current risks
  • Effective risk management through the ERM module
  • The ability to unify audit work with tailor-made templates used across the team

“Pentana Audit allows us to unify our audit work, making sure all templates are coherent with the ability to conduct and arrive at the same conclusion of any given audit, improving our team’s performance measures.”

Chrispin Deigh - Internal Audit and Compliance Officer

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