Preparing IND applications with PleaseReview

Collaborate in real-time when creating and reviewing your application


Get faster turnaround

Cut document review times by up to 65% and reduce the number of review cycles needed to prepare documents for an IND application

Collaborate securely on IND applications

Secure access to your documents any time, anywhere, allowing you to work with your team or 3rd parties while safeguarding document control and security.

Protect confidential data

Allocate permissions so users can only see information relevant to their role and redact personally identifiable information (PII) such as patient data.

Stay in control of IND applications

A controlled review process gives increased visibility and traceability of reviews, improved version control and confidence that the formatting of your original document has been protected.

Handle’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images and more

Full audit trail of all comments, changes and discussions

Full version control

Total customisability of the permissions and capabilities of all contributors

Secure document access anywhere, anytime from multiple devices

Automated progress tracking and reminders

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