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Ideagen Appoints Stephanie Jones to head up its Pentana Audit and Pentana Performance product strategy

Monday, June 25, 2018


Kansas-born, Jones, has been tasked with shaping the direction of both applications, with a focus on the US marketplace

Ideagen has announced a new appointment to head up its strategy for two key products.

Stephanie Jones will oversee Ideagen’s Pentana Audit and Pentana Performance applications, part of the company’s successful Pentana Assurance suite.

Stephanie takes up the Product Manager position having joined the company in 2012 as a Consultant following Ideagen’s acquisition of internal audit specialists, Pentana.

Since then she has held several key posts within the company including successfully managing its North American service delivery operations.

Stephanie – who was also recently named one of nine District Advisors for the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in North America – said: “I am both delighted and excited to be given the opportunity to help Ideagen maintain its position as a leading provider of audit and performance management software.

“I am looking forward to shaping the future of both Pentana Audit and Pentana Performance to not only make both software applications better individually but to also drive innovation and integration opportunities to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of clients.”

“I genuinely believe that both Pentana Audit and Pentana Performance are perfectly suited to the needs of the wider market, particularly in the US,” she added. “They are not just outstanding applications for day-to-day internal auditing and performance management requirements, but are instrumental in driving decisions and encouraging optimum performance throughout organisations and departments in an effective and efficient way.”

Born in the US State of Kansas, Stephanie has been involved in some of Ideagen’s largest implementation projects in North America which have included working with the likes of Carnival Corporation Ltd, BDO and a series of universities and banks across multiple States.

Gordon McKeown, Ideagen’s Head of Product, said of the appointment: “This is an exciting appointment and one that we feel will help take both Pentana Audit and Pentana Performance to the next level.

“Stephanie comes with a wealth of knowledge, not only of our own product suite but of the wider marketplace and the accompanying opportunities and challenges that face our clients each day.

“She has worked with some of the largest organisations across the US and is a highly regarded and well respected individual – particularly in the internal audit space. We believe Stephanie is the ideal candidate to drive our Pentana Audit and Pentana Performance growth strategy and we are very excited to see the impact she makes as we look to expand our operations across North America.”

Stephanie, who has also held internal audit positions with Hallmark, Vanguard Mutual Funds and Compass Minerals in the US, added: “I am particularly excited by the potential of Pentana Performance.

“The product is focussed around the management of Key Performance Indicators, Key Risk Indicators, and similar dashboards and metrics. The need for this type of software is very prevalent in other markets, particularly the UK. But from my extensive experience operating in the US, it is clear that there are lots of opportunities for the software.”

Launched in 2017, the Pentana Assurance suite is built up of Pentana Audit for internal audit, Pentana Performance for performance and risk management, and Pentana Disclose, Ideagen’s software for financial disclosure checklists.

Ideagen is a UK-based software company which boasts a global presence thanks to its operations across the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States, United Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia. Its software helps the world’s leading brands to improve operational efficiency, strengthen compliance as well as anticipate and manage every detail of risk. The Group currently has a customer base of over 3,000 organisations, including many blue-chip names such as BAE Systems, British Airways, Emirates, Shell and the European Central Bank.

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