PleaseReview saves WIN / RATIO 100s of hours on large proposals in manual work and recovery time

Before using PleaseReview, WIN/ RATIO identified two issues with their working process: the heavy workload of consolidating feedback and the risk of inaccuracy if comments were missed. Since starting to use PleaseReview in 2019, they have been delighted with the improved outcomes which include saving 100s of hours on large proposals and a more efficient overall process.


  • Multiple user communities can be provided with secure access to the review
  • Complete control over who can take actions within a document in terms of what, when and where
  • Review management is supported with automated alerts and tracking for deadlines and other events
  • Allows users to redact sensitive information from PDFs without the need for integration with Adobe tools

“PleaseReview is enormously efficient for us in terms of effort and duration because it enables us to use automation and self-service.”

Sarah Isaacs - Principal and Proposal Manager

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