Southeastern adopt Q-Pulse to stay on track to Safety

As one of the largest commuter rail service providers in Britain, a fundamental priority for Southeastern is the safety of its passengers and staff.

In 2010 a new Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Manager (EPBCM) was appointed with the responsibility on fire safety. The new EPBCM rationalised the number of Fire Precautions Managers (FPMs) covering 200 sites from 86 to just 18, sharpening the distinction between responsibility and accountability and introducing enhanced training. This made it easier to improve overall fire safety as accountability now lay with a relatively small number of empowered FPMs.

Southeastern was keen to build on this new approach to managing fire safety and create clearer lines of safety accountability, but the challenge was how to roll this project out throughout the business in a way that achieved lasting improvement.


  • Worked with Ideagen to create a modified ‘rail specific’ version of Q-Pulse
  • Increased awareness of accidents & incidents – and potential accidents & incidents – across the business
  • Direct reporting link developed between Q-Pulse and industry body RSSB
  • Common safety understanding between management to ensure mistakes aren’t repeated
  • Safety improvements via Q-Pulse saw them nominated for ‘Safety & Security Excellence’ at Rail Business Awards

We recognised that we had an opportunity to expand the model used in fire safety across all safety management activities within the business to improve both accountability and safety performance. We branded this the Key Safety Manager concept.

Colin Clifton - Head of Safety and Environment

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