Scottish Borders Council use Pentana Risk to integrate Risks, Audits and Performance Management

Scottish Borders Council managers identify and manage risks at three levels – Chief Executive, Directorates, Heads of Service – that reinforce accountability and help ensure that risk is being managed with effective monitoring carried out at the appropriate level throughout the Council.

This organisational structure is replicated on Pentana Risk with the Corporate Management team (CMT) and the four Directorates making up the first hierarchical level in Risk Central. Pentana Risk produces a “Heat Map” at each Directorate level driven by consolidating the risks within each Operational Unit.


  • A simplified, transparent system for tracking implementation of audit recommendations
  • Tangible basis for demonstrating improvements in internal control and governance
  • Risk-based audit planning by tight linked of risks to audit recommendations
  • Time-saving. Auditors can track progress with completion of audit recommendations directly in Pentana Risk thus limiting contact required with action owners


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