PleaseReview provides dramatic improvement in the review process and helps Altera meet CMMI best practices

Altera produce a significant amount of supporting documentation which was shared by email to reviewers. The author tracked everything manually using a spreadsheet which was time consuming and didn't allow reviewers to see each other's comments or feedback. After implementing PleaseReview, the business has experienced a significant improvement in the document review process and the way it's managed. 


  • Helps document owners keep track and keep control over the review process
  • Easily resolve issues with complete transparency and a consistent process
  • Faster and more efficient review process
  • Helps the business meet CMMI best practices


"We needed a cost effective solution that would resolve our key issues of managing the review from a single location whilst at the same time allowing those involved to see what others have commented upon."

Vicki Mitchell Director - SoC Software

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