Obeikan Investment Group PLC enjoy centralised visibility of QMS across multi-sites

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) is one of the Middle East’s largest privately owned organisations. Operating for over 20 years, OIG have enjoyed huge success in a number of sectors including: paper manufacturing, packaging, plastics, commercial printing and education. These endeavours have allowed them to expand continuously, spreading across ten countries throughout the Middle East, Europe and North Africa and employing over 5,000 staff.

With over 20 sites involved in 5 key industry sectors and with over 5000 employees; Obeikan’s business requirements demanded a strong and robust automated approach to compliance management and control. A number of enterprise systems were in use across both sectors and sites such as ERP; however compliance/quality systems and documents and audits (e.g. ISO standards) were managed through manual paper based approaches. This made compliance information and actions difficult to control.

In order to maintain growth and build on previous success, Obeikan Investment Group identified that an electronic compliance management system had to be implemented which would act as a framework and infrastructure to support their compliance management processes.


  • Visibility of QMS throughout entire organisation across multi-sites    
  • Standardisation, automation, centralisation, transparency and accountability of compliance management system
  • Clearly defined and scheduled audit programme, including associated audit and auditee teams
  • Quickened auditing process with capability to measure auditing performance rating

This project fits in with our plan to increase automation at all levels for better standardisation, visibility and efficiency. This will not only help in our growth of the business but will bring employees the benefit of working on more useful and proficient, value added tasks.

Abdallah Obeikan - CEO
Obeikan Investment Group PLC

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