Mettle Ops unlock AS9100 compliance with Q-Pulse Cloud

As a defence and aerospace contracting company, AS9100 compliance is essential for Mettle Ops’ operational success. Mettle Ops decided to invest in Ideagen's Q-Pulse Cloud quality software system to pass their audits and improve their quality management and compliance processes.

Learn more about the dramatic benefits of Mettle Ops' quality software project, including:

  • Building a centralised quality system easily accessible for all members of staff 
  • Driving accountability and quality awareness across the organisation
  • Saving time and money with a digital quality management system
  • Passing their AS9100 compliance audit with zero non-conformances


"With Q-Pulse Cloud, the requirements were much easier to meet. It saved us a lot of time and effort. This was a pivotal moment as we wouldn’t have been able to pass our audit if we had continued with our previous method."

Katie Bigelow - President of Mettle Ops
Mettle Ops

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