Ideagen helps Omega Diagnostics improve compliance processes across multiple sites

With global headquarters in Scotland and subsidiaries in England, Germany and India, Omega Diagnostics Group PLC found that achieving visibility and uniformity of processes across the whole business was challenging. Omega needed a holistic view to analyse and report on how each site was performing relative to one another.

Each site possessed ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 and were compliant with directive 98/79/EC on in-vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Devices. Yet, each site was operating individual quality management systems, which meant that operations and processes were inconsistent; subsequently levels of quality were too.

Omega Diagnostics chose to update their Q-Pulse system to Q-Pulse Enterprise, in order to centralise the Group’s operations and make it easier for management to achieve visibility across the whole organisation despite significant global logistics.


  • Aligned quality management procedures and policies across offices in Scotland, England, Germany and India
  • Centralised approach to document control, audit handling, audit findings and customer issues across international sites
  • Broader view and increased visibility for senior management of the Group’s activity and performance
  • Issues, synergies, weaknesses or trends are easy to identify and reports can be created with the click of a button 

We expanded Q-Pulse across the entire Group. Q-Pulse gives a broader view of what is going on at all our sites, harmonising reporting structures and introducing processes that enhance customer satisfaction.

Mike Gordon - Group Operations Director
Omega Diagnostics

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