Uses For PleaseReview

Discover the power and flexibility of PleaseReview for a variety of purposes - from bids and proposals to reports and legal contracts.


Bids and Proposals

Simplify your proposal creation process and produce business winning documents faster with a secure, web-based document review and co-authoring application that is easy to use.

  • Create and review bids and proposals
  • Collaborate with third parties
  • Never miss a deadline with automatic notifications and reminders

Regulatory Documents

Securely review and co-author controlled documents in highly regulated industries including pharmaceuticals.

  • Collaborate securely in a controlled environment
  • Automatically create a complete record of all comments, suggested changes and discussion threads
  • Demonstrate compliance with good practice, regulations and standards

Review and Co-Authoring

Escape the email chaos of document review with a secure web-based environment for real-time collaborative document review and co-authoring.

  • All comments and changes are in one place
  • Everyone is working on the same version of the document
  • Access PleaseReview from your web browser


Document Redaction

Enable redactions to protect sensitive information, eliminating the need to manually edit important documents.

  • Drastically reduces the time spent on redaction
  • Simplify the process
  • Comply with industry standards and regulations

Compliance Reports

PleaseReview delivers a simple solution for large-scale collaboration, providing traceability, auditability and transparency of the process.

  • Ensure your organisation meets vital compliance standards
  • The reconciliation report records all changes made and by whom
  • Have complete visibility over the document review process

Medical Device Reports

Effortlessly collaborate on every stage of a medical device report.

  • Document each step of the process
  • Review completed work with ease
  • Track the progress of a document and have visibility of all changes implemented

Process Validation Reports

Reduce process validation times and meet the required standards with PleaseReview without sacrificing quality analysis.

  • Demonstrate competency in your manufacturing processes
  • Ensure important protocols are documented
  • Comply with necessary regulations

Technical Documentation

Collaboratively review technical documents to keep them up to date with regulatory standards and industry best practices.

  • Improve collaboration with subject matter experts and third parties
  • The reconciliation report documents all changes made
  • Review technical drawing PDFs

Legal Contracts

PleaseReview supports document redaction and the contract review process, maintaining transparency and security while collaborating with third parties.

  • Delivers accurate, redacted documentation
  • Significant time savings within the review and redaction stages
  • All collaborative communications are saved in one place

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