The complete document lifecycle

Document collaboration is a central part of many organisations and industries. PleaseReview streamlines the workflow, giving users complete control over the co-authoring and review process. Collaborating with both colleagues and third parties is equally secure with the option to enable redactions to protect sensitive information.



The beginning of the document lifecycle starts at the creation process. Assign multiple reviewers to collaborate on the same version of a document in real time. Have visibility on what each contributor is working on throughout the co-authoring process.



Once you’ve created the basis for the document, there is an option to enable the redaction function to protect sensitive information. Assign customised sections for each reviewer, set deadlines and experience browser-based collaboration in real-time no matter where reviewers are.



Once you’ve received all necessary contributions, the close-out process will highlight any conflicting changes to allow you to consolidate these. Everything is captured in the same document, eliminating the need to copy and paste.



After each reviewer has contributed and you’ve made the decisions on which conflicting changes to keep, complete the close-out process. And download the final version without needing to apply additional formatting.



The reconciliation report captures all the activity undertaken on the document review, including time stamp data, all comments and suggested changes. It delivers an audit-ready document review process without any additional effo


Master the document lifecycle

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