Improving document co-authoring & review practices in Australia’s highly regulated industries

For every 100 hours spent on a document review, 65 hours are typically wasted unnecessarily on tasks that can now be either automated or eliminated. This guide shows how highly regulated industries across Australia can implement a simple technology solution to reduce their document review times by 65% and therefore cut costs associated with the review by 35%.

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Read about:

The document owner’s headache

The common issues faced by document owners while working on business-critical documents.

Pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical research

Discover the key benefits of a simultaneous document review tool for drug and medical device development.

Government and public sector

Find out how we helped the International Energy Agency and the three key benefits of document review software.

Aerospace and Defence

See how the Navy Doctrine Library System (NDLS) increased their productivity and saved valuable time with our solution.


Find out how construction firms have transformed their document review practices and how you can too.

Ideagen PleaseReview

Learn how our PleaseReview software can create a more productive and faster way of working.