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PleaseReview Features

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Microsoft Word and Sharepoint Icon

Handles Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images and more.

Secure padlock icon

Secure document access anywhere, anytime from multiple devices.

Version control icon

Full document version control.

Real-time edit icon

Co-author, edit and review with your team in real time.

Permissions icon

Total configurability of the permissions and capabilities of all contributors.

Bell icon

Automated progress tracking and reminders.

Document review icon

Review documents in their original format.

Comments icon

Automatic capture of comments, suggested changes and discussion thread.

Document visibility icon

Control access and visibility of documents and sections.

Category label icon

Redactions categorized according to type.

Report icon

Automatically generated justification report.

Link icon

Integrate with leading Quality Management Systems such as Q-Pulse.

Tag icon

Categorise comments for a more structured review process.

Document template icon

Set up review templates to speed up review creation.

Webinar: Collaborative RFP "Shreds"

Find out how to validate bid opportunities and produce compliant proposals with PleaseReview.

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