Benefits of PleaseReview

Discover how our document collaboration tool can help make your working life easier.


Experience significant time savings

Cut down your project timescales by 65% using PleaseReview, giving you more time to work on the things that matter. Cut review costs by 35% by reducing the amount of time spent on them.

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Remove time consuming admin

PleaseReview eliminates duplicate copies and the need to manually collate changes. Once the review is set up, management is performed by the system. Say goodbye to copy and paste.

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Be audit ready

The automatic reconciliation report holds details of all changes made, who made them and the time and date they were implemented; everything an auditor needs to see.

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Turn documents around faster

Meet tight deadlines with ease. Reviewers are given a clear deadline and the system automatically sends out reminders to contribute to the review. The document owner can simply accept or reject changes, streamlining the management of conflicting comments or edits.

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Create better quality documents

The controlled review process allows the reviewers to focus on the content rather than the format of the document, allowing all changes and comments to be considered. Customise allocation to ensure participants are focused on the areas where you need their contribution.

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Find out how PleaseReview can improve your collaboration processes

Speak to our friendly team of experts to discover the ways PleaseReview can support your business.

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