Your internal audit checklist for conducting risk-based audits

An internal audit checklist provides a useful framework to follow during the course of performing an audit. It’s an additional tool in your arsenal to reinforce your practice and manage the process from start to finish.

Man calculating data

Ensure a smooth auditing process

Make sure that you incorporate the same level of attention and detail to each and every audit for consistent results which bring real value to your organisation. Our checklist covers key actions over four stages from planning and execution to reporting and sign off, supporting you every step of the way.

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Use our financial internal audit checklist to:

Manage audit teams

Have clearly defined steps to follow for you and your team members.

Enhance planning and organisation

Break down each part of the audit into actionable steps and tick them off when you’ve completed them.

Improve methodology

Ensure a consistent approach to audits each time and have a clear process to follow.

Meet deadlines

Ensure that all tasks are well managed in order to deliver completed audits on time.

Download our internal audit checklist

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