Operational Efficiency is Key to Safety Intelligence

Businesses in the aviation industry face a growing challenge of maintaining and monitoring a variety of business systems that serve different purposes yet all contain vital operational data. Some of this data has relevance for safety and much of it, if harnessed correctly, can be put to work to drive efficiency and high performance.

Increasingly, aviation organisations from airlines and MROs to regulators themselves must ensure that scattered information collated from multiple scheduling, reporting, compliance, security, safety and maintenance systems is monitored and managed effectively. This is often achieved through laborious administrative processes that, in a highly regulated and pressurised industry such as aviation, can become stressful and slow.

The fact that critical information is scattered across various systems can represent both an opportunity and a threat. The opportunity is to get a grip on data that can improve operating performance and raise safety intelligence. The threat is that, if not addressed effectively, this information scatter can become system fragmentation that may lead to operational and compliance blind spots: holes in the Swiss cheese.

Organisations that seek operational excellence, high performance and high safety intelligence must find the means to bring these systems together, get a grip on the information and reporting, and make it easier for themselves to remain compliant whilst managing and monitoring risk in real or near time.

This paper has been written to give aviation professionals an insight into what can be done to achieve this.

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