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Welcome to Breaking Silos!

We've launched this podcast to help people within digital roles address the big challenges they face and discuss the industry's key themes by leveraging today's best ideas in business and technology to break down old barriers to collaboration and business success.

Each week you will be joined by one of our three Breaking Silos hosts from Ideagen and together you will learn from experts across diverse industries to save time, cut costs and simplify your workflows. We aim to help you build a more connected, digital-first tomorrow.

In this jam-packed episode of the ‘Breaking Silos’ podcast, Ideagen’s Raj Nagra chats with Brian Jackson - Research Director and CIO at Info-Tech Research Group, to discuss:

  • Why there is often a slow end-user adoption of new technology in companies.
  • Why it’s so important from a business perspective, to make sure tech adoption isn’t a slow process
  • The effect it can have on a business
  • The pitfalls to look out for and how a CIO can address the challenges
  • How to go about testing new technology
  • What emerging innovations, processes and tech are available
  • Where tech can be useful to you
  • What the ideal adoption process is

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About Brian

Photo of Brian

As a Research Director in the CIO practice, Brian focuses on emerging trends, executive leadership strategy, and digital strategy. After more than a decade as a technology and science journalist, Brian has his finger on the pulse of leading trends and organisational best practices when it comes to innovation.

Prior to joining Info-Tech Research Group, Brian was the Editorial Director at IT World Canada, responsible for the B2B media publisher’s editorial strategy and execution across all of its publications. A leading digital thinker at the firm, Brian led IT World Canada to become the most award-winning publisher in the B2B category at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

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Be on the lookout for our next episode, launching on Wednesday 4th January 2023, where we will be talking to Peter Bendor-Samuel, Founder and CEO of Everest Group. We will be discussing the essentials for increasing IT team productivity, everything from the impact the pandemic has had on collaboration, to innovative opportunities.

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Written by

Rajvir Nagra

As a Content Creator for Ideagen’s collaboration solutions, Raj seeks to inform highly regulated industries about the best ways to collaborate securely, efficiently, and as easily as possible. Her extensive marketing background and flair for creative, informative data, helps audiences digest information and tackle the challenges they face every day.