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Our life sciences hub brings you relevant industry resources for helping to maintain the collaboration and innovative practices that were established during the Covid-19 crisis-with technology as a key focus in supporting growth and adaptation to change.

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The importance of ISO 15189 in covid testing

Our white paper discusses the increasing importance placed on achieving ISO 15189 within medical laboratories. This has become particularly important within the context of accurately diagnosing Covid-19 to meet the demand for testing and delivery of quick results. Download the paper to find out how our quality management software can help to support accreditation.

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Customer spotlight on Spire healthcare

Learn about Spire Healthcare’s experience with using our Q-Pulse product to manage quality and support their processes in order to meet ISO 15189, connecting their 22 different laboratories to work to the same standards.

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Ideagen helps Omega Diagnostics improve compliance activities

Find out how our software supports life sciences

See Q-Pulse in action

Our product video summarises how Q-Pulse works, showing the key modules and functions that are widely utilised within life science organisations.

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Get an in-depth look

We break down how each function within our software can benefit your organisation, showing what you can do with each module and how the product can help you to adhere to specific industry standards and expectations.

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