Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre implements Q-Pulse to meet industry standards

Q Pulse QMS is widely known in the medical physics industry and is broadly used across the fields of radiotherapy and nuclear medicine where a strong quality management system is essential to meet the stringent regulatory requirements. Professor Marshall has been a user of Q-Pulse since 1995 where he adopted the system as a straightforward document management tool. However, he quickly adopted Q-Pulse’s other modules after realising the added capabilities and advantages of the system.


• Enables the migration to a paper-free clean room, reducing the risk of contamination
• Ability to have a central risk register and real-time monitoring
• Having visibility of the effectiveness of controls and the risks to patients, staff and the business
• Ensures an increase in compliance in both nuclear and pharmaceutical regulations

During the training and installation of Q-Pulse QMS, it became apparent that we were underutilising the incident and occurrence modules, which are key to unlocking the potential of the system.

Professor Chris Marshall - Director of the Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre
Cardiff University

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