PleaseReview helps Carrie Ratcliff of 21rw improve collaboration when supporting federal pursuits

With 25 years of experience within the industry, Carrie Ratcliff has been using PleaseReview for the past 10 years to support both Commercial and Federal pursuits. We caught up with Carrie in a recent interview where she shared with us the biggest challenges facing the Proposal industry, how she uses PleaseReview to overcome these issues and the importance of effective collaboration.


  • Improve collaboration with key stakeholders and prevent surprises which can derail proposals
  • Save time by automating manual preparation and improve document control
  • Easily track who has participated in the review and monitor what comments are being made


I’ve used PleaseReview for ten years to validate the compliance and quality of proposals and there is nothing on the market like it. When we started 21rw, this was the first product we purchased to support our clients with federal capture and proposal services.

Carrie Ratcliff - Managing Director

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