NHS Fife improve competence with Ideagen Academy

As Quality and Training Manager, Dr Mairiead MacLennan is required to ensure that all staff have the appropriate training to meet the needs of the department as well as to perform their job.

To help staff better use Q-Pulse, Dr MacLennan turned to Ideagen Academy, Ideagen’s web-based e-learning solution, to help with their Q-Pulse roll out. Having Academy available alongside Q-Pulse means that if staff have any difficulties using Q-Pulse, they can immediately select the area that they are trying to work with in Ideagen Academy and the whole process is explained to them in a bite-sized training package.

Benefits of Ideagen Academy

  • Lets staff fit learning around their busy schedules with bite-sized interactive training courses
  • Enables staff to quickly learn Ideagen software on their own terms
  • Helps increase proficiency in Ideagen software with ability to repeat courses as required
  • Improves staff engagement with in-house training

Using Academy, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to use all of the Q-Pulse modules – the key thing for me was the sense of accomplishment and the confidence that I knew what I was doing, because I’d seen it and was then able to try it out.

Dr Mairiead MacLennan - Quality and Training Manager
NHS Fife

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