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Ideagen has today announced an exciting new partnership with Surf Lakes, a fast-growing Australian business building inland surf centres across the globe.

While Surf Lakes are providing a safe space to surf, Ideagen will be providing them with a safe space to collaborate with their international suppliers and partners, ensuring they’re protected from cyber sharks.

Through Ideagen Huddle each park design and construction project will have a bespoke portal, so all management and maintenance can be conducted in a secure and regulatory compliant environment.

“From initial site inspection through to getting people up on boards, every step of the way, we have to make sure we’ve ticked all of the boxes,” said Aaron Trevis, Founder & CEO, Surf Lakes.

“Quality and safety are at the heart of our experience and built into all of our processes. It underpins our entire approach to achieving our mission of building surf communities to create a healthier world.”

Surf Lake’s ethos is to bring safer surfing to a wider group of people, including – but not limited to - those who live in landlocked areas, those not confident in the water and those living with disability.


It already has a long list of high-profile supporters including Hollywood A-lister Chris Hemsworth, world champion surfing royalty Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo and  Barton Lynch, Junior Longboard Champion, Luca Doble and World Adaptive Champion para-athletes Mark ‘Mono’ Stuart and Sam Bloom.

There are currently 16 signed projects to open parks across Australia, Asia, and North America. With more than 200 people expected to be able to access the waves in each park at any one time – as well as accommodation and hospitality on-site – quality and safety are at the forefront of Surf Lakes’ business model.

David Griffith, from Ideagen Asia Pacific, said: “There is growing demand among companies to work with technology partners that can prove their security and compliance credentials.

“Ideagen works with some of the most highly regulated industries in the world -  from US Government agencies through to financial services, healthcare and food supply chain companies.  This experience makes us the perfect partner for a fast-growing business like Surf Lakes, that demands safety and quality in all areas of its operations.”

With a prototype facility already open in Yeppoon, Australia (pictured below) – and demand from locations that are both landlocked, such as Austin, TX, and coastal, such as Los Angeles, CA – Surf Lakes is on a fast growth trajectory to bring the concept to life. Ideagen will provide global, scalable support as Surf Lakes plans to open to the public across global sites in 2024.

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