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You may have heard the term ‘mobile safety inspections’ floating around, or simply heard everyone raving about making the change and going paperless in their workplace. But, what actually is a ‘Mobile Inspection’?

To put it simply, a Mobile Inspection or, a ‘Check and Inspect’ solution, helps to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve reporting accuracy. The tool gives you the means to build your own custom forms, workflows, checklists, and audits both online and offline. Handling 100% of your mobile data collection needs, a Mobile Inspection Solution helps you to ditch the dated, paper-based approach.


What can a Mobile Inspection Platform be used for?

  • Daily reporting, capturing real-time analytics to understand trends and opportunities for improvement
  • Remaining compliant with certain accreditations or certifications
  • Auditing - to assess and mitigate risks, with a full trail of all completed actions
  • Customizable checklists provide full transparency on to-do lists, notifying the relevant people if anything is late, missed, or requiring further action
  • Guidance and training, equipping staff with videos, policy documents, and user manuals to access on-the-go


What are the benefits of a ‘Check and Inspect’ Solution?


  1. Improve quality by accurately collecting data

The ability for the systems features to be used across departments helps people connect, ensuring the product or service they are providing is of the highest quality, every time. What’s more, everything can be done via a phone. Product sign off can be done in minutes, maintenance can be alerted to an issue with just one click of a button and all the workflow information is stored in one centralised location. Quick, efficient, and accurate.


  1. Reduce costs

Having access to data whenever you need it, immediately available for all team members, means that work orders are submitted and the relevant team members can be assigned to the task. Gone are the days of constant phone calls and delivering paperwork; something that once would have slowed down the business and held up a job.


  1. Increase efficiency and save time

A Mobile Inspection Platform improves the rate of checks performed on time whilst making reporting more accessible for your workforce; when you make reporting easy, more people do it. Process time will be reduced, and inspection times cut in half thanks to the easy-to-use workflows, automatic notifications, and the lack of paperwork to fill out.


A process that used to take around 10 days before now only takes 30 minutes!

— Alan Lowman , Executive Director , Boll Weevil Eradication of Georgia


  1. Offline functionalities for more accurate reporting on-the-go

Being able to complete inspections both online and offline makes capturing data simple, even in the most remote of places. Populate your customizable workflows whilst the information is still fresh in your head, whether it be an inspection, incident report, or even a generic day-to-day check.


  1. Automatic notifications to alert relevant people


With a paper-based inspection approach, the small things are more likely to be missed.  With a digital solution, you can schedule and send push notifications, via email or SMS, to assignees when checks are due, automatically escalating to management if a check isn’t being completed regularly. A Mobile Inspection Solution helps you to plug the gaps and prove compliance.


  1. Regardless of geographical location, digital attachments keep you up-to-date

Whether you have sites scattered around the country or are accustomed to working a few days a week from your home office, the powerful capabilities of Mobile Inspection keeps you connected to your team. With the ability to attach images, barcodes, GPS Coordinates, and even voice signatures, not only will you have total visibility on any issues that may have arisen in the wider business, but you also have an extensive record of archived reports to prove your compliance to potential auditors.

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