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Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) across the industry are at the forefront of digital transformation and technological advancement. Many of the leading CROs are paving the way for digital clinical trials by adopting new software capabilities.

Ideagen’s PleaseReview has been selected by four of the top five global CROs to support the delivery of faster and more efficient clinical trials to sponsors. In building a more connected and digital ecosystem for clinical trials with PleaseReview, CROs can reach study end points more quickly and develop medical breakthroughs more efficiently.

Additionally, many existing customers of Veeva have embraced PleaseReview’s integration with Veeva Vault. With this integration, CROs and sponsors can have one simple, streamlined and pain-free workflow for document reviews.


PleaseReview’s integration with Veeva Vault

According to Veeva, “Vault CTMS has fast become the industry-leading solution for clinical trial management. [It] provides a complete view of trial metrics so CROs can better manage study performance and increase visibility for sponsors.” To satisfy the needs and preferences of sponsors and regulators, many CROs are opting to standardise their operations by using PleaseReview’s integration with Vault.

When it comes to conducting document reviews with external partners, such as sponsors or third-party reviewers, PleaseReview’s integration makes everything more streamlined, transparent and secure. CROs are supported to conduct document reviews with unparalleled control, visibility and efficiency.

“PleaseReview’s integration with Veeva Vault is a game-changer for CROs and sponsors,” said James Wilding, VP of Ideagen’s division for collaboration software. “As more organisations advance clinical trial operations with Vault, PleaseReview’s integration enables CROs and sponsors to drive faster study endpoints.”


How PleaseReview supports CROs

PleaseReview is a web-based document review platform for real-time co-authoring, review and redaction of documents. The software enables CROs to accelerate and streamline the production of regulatory documents associated with clinical trials. It provides a stable, controlled and structured environment for managing both the documents and the reviewers. On average, teams reduce the time spent on a typical document review cycle by 65%.

Sponsors and CROs using PleaseReview work together on a consistent, secure and industry-standard platform. With no organisational firewalls, they can easily invite whoever they need to join the document review in seconds—even reviewers who do not have Veeva Vault licences. External collaboration on documents is also highly secure. You do not need to give partners access to your workspaces and can control what they see in the document, even down to specific paragraphs.

When compared with Office 365, PleaseReview is a more stable and robust platform for document reviews. It can easily withstand teams of all sizes (2- 400+) and complex documents. According to Veeva Vault’s FAQs, “In our experience, co-authoring in Word performs better with smaller files (less than 100 pages) and small teams (5-10 authors) […] PleaseReview may be a better solution if you are collaborating with large groups of reviewers and looking to maintain a very high level of control over the document and the review process.”

Ultimately, in the highly regulated space of clinical research and drug development, document teams cannot afford to make mistakes. PleaseReview streamlines the entire review process, freeing up time to focus on quality, meet tight deadlines and ensure compliance. In capturing all document activity in a report, the software provides sponsors with an unparalleled audit trail.


Top 5 benefits of PleaseReview for Clinical Trials:

  • Boost efficiency to reach your study end points faster
  • Stable and robust environment for complex reviews
  • Provide greater transparency and visibility to sponsors
  • Capture all activity in an unparalleled audit trail
  • Work securely and easily with external partners

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