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Welcome to Breaking Silos!

We've launched this podcast to help people within digital roles address the big challenges they face and discuss the industry's key themes by leveraging today's best ideas in business and technology to break down old barriers to collaboration and business success.

Each week you will be joined by one of our three Breaking Silos hosts from Ideagen and together you will learn from experts across diverse industries to save time, cut costs and simplify your workflows. We aim to help you build a more connected, digital-first tomorrow.

In this brand-new episode to kick off the new year with the ‘Breaking Silos’ podcast, Ideagen’s Joseph Soper spoke to Peter Bendor-Samuel Founder and CEO of Everest Group, to discuss:

  • The impact the pandemic has had on collaboration
  • Techniques that management can adopt for better collaboration
  • The four essential factors that must be in place to make agile methods efficient enough
  • Innovative opportunities


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About Peter

Peter Bendor-Samuel founded Everest Group in 1991 with the vision to assist the then nascent outsourcing and global services industry to evolve more powerful and effective mechanisms to create and capture value. Over the past 25+ years, he has led Everest Group to be on the frontier of the global services industry, ensuring that the firm is constantly at the intersection of how leading firms take advantage of disruptive technologies, innovative service vehicles, and game-changing talent models.

In recent years, this has included helping enterprises and service providers to effectively leverage next generation IT solutions, strategically transforming their business services, and helping them understand how best to evolve their services to meet changing internal and external customer needs.

Through the extensive consulting and research practices developed at Everest Group, Peter has served numerous Fortune 500 corporations, many of the leading service providers, and a significant number of private equity firms, and emerged as a respected industry analyst advising the investing community through a partnership with DeepDive Equity Research.

His many contributions to the global services industry have been recognized by a variety of institutions including IAOP, which in 2020 awarded Peter its Leadership Hall of Fame Award, Ernst & Young (E&Y)'s Entrepreneur of the Year award, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Outsourcing Leadership award, and the Country of Japan, which invited Peter to serve as the honorary advisor to the outsourcing council of that Asian nation.

Under his stewardship, Everest Group has evolved into a firm with a reputation for delivering high-quality consulting and research through a culture of individual and firm excellence, combined with a collaborative and values-based culture. This excellence model allows the firm to consistently be recognized for generating innovative insights and solutions that define and shape the next generation of global services.

Peter’s frontline involvement in early outsourcing engagements enabled him in the late 1990s to write the industry best-selling book, Turning Lead Into Gold: The Demystification of Outsourcing. He is a regularly featured thought leader in international business media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Financial Times, CIO and Forbes. He is also a frequent keynote speaker at various industry events.

Before founding Everest Group, Peter started E&Y’s outsourcing advisory practice, and was first introduced to the global services industry at EDS where he was an executive in its North American Services Group.


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Written by

Rajvir Nagra

As a Content Creator for Ideagen’s collaboration solutions, Raj seeks to inform highly regulated industries about the best ways to collaborate securely, efficiently, and as easily as possible. Her extensive marketing background and flair for creative, informative data, helps audiences digest information and tackle the challenges they face every day.