Incident management solution

Protect your business and keep people safe with a complete incident management solution.


Leverage the power of incident management software

Our incident management software gives you the power to predict, record and control incidents in any event. Drive efficiency, improve the accuracy of operational intelligence, increase the safety of staff and public and improve organisational visibility, oversight and control. 

Easier to report incidents

Capture front-line incidents and near misses as they happen.

Fix incidents faster

See the root causes of incidents to stop them happening again.

Protect your business

Avoid costly claims and reputational damage.

Keep staff and customers safe

Create a safety-first culture with easy to use tools for incident control.

A complete incident management system software solution

Custom dashboards and reports

Check where your business risks non-compliance and track outstanding actions.

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Fully mobile solution

Incidents can be reported as they happen and with more accuracy, from any device.

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Risk assessment and control

Our full incident management solution lets you risk assess against any incident.

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Integrate with other systems

Get a 360 degree view of how incidents affect your business from one central platform.

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Automatic risk alerts and escalations

Make it impossible to ignore issues that the incident management system raises.

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