EHS Management Software

Improve incident reporting, consolidate EHS data, drive operational performance and achieve regulatory compliance with our EHS management software.


How will EHS software benefit my business?

Ideagen's EHS management system software solution helps you to achieve regulatory compliance and manage risks while increasing operational performance. It helps you to surface, analyse and report Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) data and create a culture of reporting and accountability.

We provide EHS solutions to businesses globally in a range of industrial sectors and sizes.


Seamless User Experience

Manage your day-to day tasks confidently with a user-friendly system.

Improve compliance assurance

Maintain and improve regulatory compliance with our EHS software solution.

Improve incident reporting

Safeguard your company by identifying potential risks from the outset with incident reporting.

Improve operational efficiency

Understand every step of your business and reduce costs of low efficiency.

Flexible forms and workflow creation

Stay fully informed of your business processes and reports with the use of flexible forms and workflow creation.

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Analysis and communication

EHS software allows you to view all the analysis you require and the ability to share findings with your colleagues.

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Modernised and strengthened governance

Ensure regulatory compliance with a modern EHS management system software to notify you of any updates that are required.

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Increased accountability and performance

Distribute accountability across your organisation and improve the overall performance of your business processes.

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Centralised data collection

Easily accessible centralised data collection and reporting available for all employers, making communication a key factor.

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