Q-Pulse gives the London Clinic a healthy dose of Quality Control

As the largest independently owned non-profit hospital in the UK, The London Clinic recognised that their paper-based data management system needed to be replaced. Within their new state-of-the-art Pathology Department, keeping track of documentation – in terms of reviews and acknowledgements – was becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, the hospital did not have a holistic view of their Quality Management System (QMS).



  • Time and resource savings allows them to focus on delivering best service to consultants, doctors and patients
  • Workload in relation to fulfilling regulatory requirements of the CPA, HTA, MHRA and JACIE eased considerably
  • Thorough control of documentation with automatic reminders of reviews, acknowledgments and approvals 
  • Improved management of staff training and competence with staff records built into the system in accordance with individual roles & responsibilities
  • All Asset information in the one place such as service contracts, records & user manuals – everything available at fingertips in seconds

Since implementing Q-Pulse, it has helped us save time and resources, allowing us to focus on delivering the best service to our consultants, doctors and patients.

Beverley Barker - Pathology Quality Manager
The London Clinic

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