Q-Pulse helps NHS Clatterbridge provide effective clinical incident reporting

There has been a long standing requirement to report all patient safety incidents to the NRLS. Pressure from the CQC to meet this requirement along with the publication of “Towards Safer Radiotherapy” report – recommending that all radiotherapy related non-conformances are reported through the same service – meant that the Trust would have to find a way of reporting all of their clinical incident data to the NRLS.

The problem facing the limited resources of the Clinical Governance team was that the only way this could be achieved with their current system was to manually input the data into Q-Pulse and to repeat that manual input, with additional fields, into the complex NRLS form – a process that proved so time consuming it was impossible to complete for all clinical incidents. As a result, the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre was unable to meet the NPSA requirement without the introduction of change.

By using the Incident and Occurrence modules, the NRLS form could be replicated within Q-Pulse and batches of incidents automatically uploaded to the NRLS system at pre-determined intervals.


  • Direct link from Q-Pulse to the NRLS removes previous manual tasks and reduces reporting times by a third
  • NRLS form is replicated within Q-Pulse and batches of incidents are automatically uploaded to NRLS system at pre-determined intervals
  • Cancer Centre gone from being a NPSA ‘under reporter’ to meeting their requirements simply and efficiently
  • Improved integrity and timeliness of internal and external reporting

The difference in being able to automatically upload our Clinical Incidents electronically through Q-Pulse has been amazing.

Karen Postlethwaite - Clinical Governance Manager
Clatterbridge Centre

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