Johnson Matthey makes a huge step change into 21st century quality management with Ideagen Coruson

Operating across some highly-regulated industries, Johnson Matthey is required to conduct stringent testing of its products which includes unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions in order to achieve and maintain compliance to a series of industry standards. Among those standards includes ISO 9001.

Using a previous software system for general quality management and business performance reporting, Johnson Matthey’s day-to-day quality processes were “manual, slow and laborious”.

The business is also going through a period of change, and so an easy-to-use quality management system had to be identified to modernise business operations.


The main benefits of Coruson are:

  • Coruson’s scalability means it has become a business management solution rather than focusing on quality 
  • Global access to business processes and data means staff in any of the company’s 30 offices around the world can easily access the software 
  • Mobile capability allows changes and errors to be accessed and communicated to the team in a much more easier and user friendly way 
  • Enhanced control and tightening on issues, in turn speeds up recording to improve development 

In order to ensure that we could move forward as an organisation we had to find an electronic software solution that would meet our requirements, allowing us to diagnose problems quickly and deal with investigations efficiently to prevent re-occurrence. A recurring issue incurs further cost to the business and has reputational impacts also which, in the current climate where every job and contract is aggressively fought for, maintaining quality can be critical in an industry where reputation is everything

Rachel Burke - Global Quality Manager
Johnson Matthey

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