Ideagen’s Pentana audit software gives Dutch insurance company Achmea peace of mind in auditing operations

Prior to implementing an electronic auditing system, Achmea’s 75 staff working within the company’s Internal Audit department had been conducting their day-to-day auditing operations with manual systems. 

Tools such as MS Office were being deployed, as well as a series of structured folders on its network drive, which were acting as its dedicated auditing tool. However, as the department is responsible for all of the company’s auditing activities, it was time to modernise their operations by first sourcing and then implementing a dedicated auditing software tool.

Ideagen’s Pentana auditing software was chosen by Achmea as being the best fit for them and the software was subsequently implemented for the company’s Internal Audit department.


  • Structured, department-wide approach to auditing resulting in consistency of quality
  • Documentation & findings clearly linked and traceable to risks
  • Customised forms auto-populate with data during auditing tasks, increasing the speed of audit reporting 10%-20% quicker
  • “Excellent” support and industry insight from both Ideagen and its partner Sepia Solutions

The enforcement of a standard audit approach via Pentana, which includes referenced frameworks, all helps towards achieving standardisation in auditing. This is not only important to ensure a consistent quality but also gives external supervisors peace of mind, knowing that processes are being followed in depth.

Corné Mulders - Senior Manager of Internal Audit

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