Heritage Financial Credit Union delivers quality reports, every time with Pentana Audit

When Mario Guarneri was appointed Internal Audit Vice President of Heritage Financial Credit Union in 2015 he recognised the significance of implementing an effective auditing tool for their newly formed Internal Audit Department. From his experience, he wanted a solution that encompassed a comprehensive reporting platform, with real-time reporting which also included a fully integrated risk management system enabling a full risk-based audit plan.

Mario found the solution was Pentana Audit, our risk-based internal audit management software and since implementation, they have embraced it's reporting platform and streamlined their whole internal audit process.


  • Efficient and effective reporting
  • Better identification of priorities through planning and scheduling
  • Confidential information securely contained in a safe environment

Pentana Audit supports our annual planning to mitigate risk throughout the credit union and perform proper examinations ensuring a compliant atmosphere.

Mario Guarneri - Vice President of Internal Audit
Heritage Financial Credit Union

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