HAECO Group achieve enterprise wide safety and quality management benefits with Coruson

With safety being of paramount importance, HAECO Group was looking to consolidate all of its safety processes into one software system – making it easier to assess safety and business performance as well as highlight emerging trends and potential issues.

It’s chosen safety management system would also be able to handle all safety data emerging from HAECO’s 19 global subsidiaries, as well as be scalable enough to handle thousands of users at any one time.

HAECO Group implemented Coruson as its group wide system, not only for safety management, but for quality and general business management as well. With Coruson, it provided HAECO with the accessibility and ease of use that it required to help introduce a global safety culture as well as increase levels of reporting – both in terms of safety and to senior management.


  • Easier to assess safety & business performance as well as highlight emerging trends & potential issues in one central system
  • 18,000 staff based in three global locations in Hong Kong, China & North America using the system
  • Simple and easy to use, Coruson encourages staff to raise & complete more reports
  • By completing near-miss & hazard reports HAECO is taking steps to become more proactive in safety & risk assessments
  • Despite operating in different locations, Coruson supports deliverance of reliable quality service to its customer base
  • Senior management can see safety performance indicators & how each site is performing both individually & in line with overall Group objectives

We are using Coruson for both operational reporting & for occupational health & safety reporting. We have witnessed an increase in the reports being raised, which in turn increases & improves our levels of data & ultimately helps us become a better and safer organisation

Dennis Hui - General Manager of Quality

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