Brussels Airlines travel to operational excellence with Q-Pulse

Operating in the heavily regulated aviation industry, Brussels Airlines was required to modernise its safety management system following the introduction of stricter regulations from bodies such as the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA), as well as updated recommendations from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Brussels Airlines’ internal safety and quality departments were also amalgamating and therefore a single product was required which would provide integrated safety and quality management, risk management capability and in depth risk-based performance monitoring.

Brussels Airlines chose Q-Pulse with performance monitoring, which provided them with an integrated suite. This helped to improve overall safety and quality of their operations and allowed them to pro actively manage risk with in depth performance indicators.


  • Improved safety & quality of operations, including proactive risk management with in depth performance indicators
  • Additional risk assessment capability & data for transportation of specific cargo, allowing Brussels Airlines to pinpoint specific areas for attention
  • All operational & safety data surfaced quickly providing data on positive & negative business performance
  • Cockpit and cabin crew can file reports on the move via reporting portal & tablet – 

Q-Pulse will provide us with much better efficiency in investigating our safety issues.

Adriaan Charlet - Safety Service Manager
Brussels Airlines

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