Values and Ethics

Our values underpin everything we do as a company and the code of ethics we follow. Here we share the core values and standards that we work towards throughout Ideagen and the four areas that we support with them. This drives our decision making and the way we operate- from the C suite right through to every individual team and employee.

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Our values

We don’t just have an obligation to our investors, employees, and customers. We have an obligation to the World we live in.
As an organisation we need to perform to more than just normal metrics. We need to contribute to the society that we all share. Whether it be looking after our People or our Planet; we need to make a positive difference. We need to make our contribution. These are the values that guide us, that we work towards, and that we expect every employee to stand behind.

Our values

Honesty & Trust

We have respect for our colleagues and know openly working together results in everyone being winners.

Pride & Excellence

We are passionate about our business and that together there are no limits or boundaries.

Pace & Momentum

The World moves fast, but we embrace that speed with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Humility & Courage

We are proud to be a team made up of distinct individuals, all confident in their own contribution.

Problem Solving

Sometimes things are difficult, but we trust our abilities to navigate us through successfully.

Positivity & Perseverance

We want to spend our time in a forward looking environment that fuels our passion to succeed.

Code of ethics


Mutual Investment, with honesty, fairness, integrity, and respect


We are proud of them, they need to be proud of us


To be part of our story, you share our values.


We are part of society, we need to contribute to it

Message from Ben Dorks

Ideagen has seen extraordinary growth and continues to be built on foundations that should make us proud. Our values, and the way we represent the business, are more important today than ever. Our customers place huge trust in us, and that is something we should honour and respect.
Every day we have an opportunity to make decisions that drive us forward, but they must be taken treating our colleagues, customers, partners, and planet with dignity and integrity. The growth of Ideagen must be based on conducting our business fairly and ethically, we should never waver from making the right decision. Thank you for your continued commitment in making Ideagen the amazing organisation that it is today.
Contributing where it matters
Ben Dorks

Our people

Ideagen is only as strong as the amazing people who contribute to its success. We strive to provide an environment that enriches an individual, providing the platform to create #bestversionofyou. An organisation based on providing the opportunity to develop and fulfil potential, with no ceiling or barriers. This must include everybody being treated with fairness & respect, promoting conversation to create best outcomes, and belief in the power of diversity – of backgrounds, capabilities, and opinions.

Our customers

We believe in empowering our customers and recognise the trust they place in us as an organisation. We see this as a partnership built upon mutual respect and aspiration.
We are passionate about doing what is right – contributing where it matters.
We know our solutions are critical to the success of our customers and this is a responsibility we take seriously.
We also know our customers are an extension of our brand and we will not deal with organisations that don’t value or contribute to the World we all share.

Our partners

Ideagen is a global organisation, with numerous stakeholders around the world, but it is crucial these business partners still foster the same values that make Ideagen different.
Strong relationships across our entire business network are critical in driving the organisation forward, but that must be done based on Trust, Fairness, and Mutual Advantage.
We hold all external partners to the same high standards of integrity to which we hold ourselves.

Our planet

With success comes responsibility. We take our obligation seriously to contribute to the World we all share.
We are committed, through environmental initiatives, to build a more sustainable society and protect the planet we love. As a global technology provider, we are in a unique position to drive advancements in how we work and where we work, ensuring we go further in delivering real progress.
Ideagen will never be disconnected from the communities where our teams live and work. We are committed to making them safer, fairer, and more rewarding for everybody.

Making Decisions - The Ideagen Way

When we are guided by values, rather than blindly following rules, we understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.
When we see the bigger picture, we think more broadly, beyond ourselves, beyond the limits of what any of us can do on our own.

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