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Independent Research Firm Identifies Ideagen as a Top Provider of Quality Management Software for Regulated Industries

09 September 2021

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Ideagen has been identified as a supplier of ‘deep quality management expertise’ for highly regulated industries, in the latest Verdantix report.

The report advises that mid-market businesses and organisations that work in highly regulated industries should shortlist Ideagen to look to improve compliance. Enterprises such as:


  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to enhance their EHS maturity.
  • Firms in highly regulated industries seeking targeted, yet flexible solutions.
  • Large enterprises in the aviation and rail industries that desire holistic risk management.


The report acknowledges Ideagen’s objective to place quality management at the centre of businesses. After reviewing Ideagen’s products, Verdantix has identified key areas that could be of interest to clients from highly regulated industries:


  • Robust quality management functionality that meets industry-specific needs.
  • Comprehensive training functionality originating from best-of-breed providers.
  • An evolving solution focused on migrating siloed products into a single cloud-based offering.
  • EHS functionality targeting compliance rather than the full breadth of EHS topics.

The report also highlights the industry experience and expertise that Ideagen has in providing GRC solutions to a range of highly rated industries, and also recognises its continued deepening and broadening of its sector expertise through smart acquisitions.

Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen said: “We’re very pleased that Verdantix has recognised the difference our software can make to the many companies that work in highly regulated industries. The report reiterates the importance of having a robust QMS that will keep your company compliance up to date and within regulations and acknowledges that Ideagen’s solutions are among the best in this field. The report also highlights that we aim to be a provider of quality management software and expertise to a vast range of industries, whilst also providing industry specific needs to our clients.”

Verdantix is an independent research and advisory body that specialises in digital strategies for environmental, health and safety, ESG and sustainability, operational excellence, and smart buildings. 

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