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The Nottingham-based firm announce an increased focus on the mental health & wellbeing of its staff as it looks to become a global ‘destination employer’

Ideagen has unveiled a new mental health awareness and advice project as it looks to become a global destination employer.

The Nottingham-headquartered firm – which has key operations in the UK, Europe, US, SE Asia and UAE – will launch its new initiative for more than 500 employees globally.

The project will coincide with the UK’s Mental Health Week in May. As part of the initiative, Ideagen will;

  • Expand its employee healthcare policy in the UK to include access to mental health and wellbeing care and advice
  • Launch a dedicated ‘Wellbeing Room’ at its HQ in Nottingham
  • Roll out Mental Health Awareness sessions at its sites in Nottingham, East Kilbride, near Glasgow and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Launch a dedicated training, information and awareness course for all employees globally

Barnaby Kent, Ideagen’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) said: “Mental health and wellbeing is an incredibly important issue and one which has really come to the fore in recent years.

“In all walks of life, and across every industry, professional and personal issues touch us all and we are required to manage as best as we can. However, and understandably, these issues can easily become overwhelming.

“Thankfully, the stigmas associated with mental health, wellbeing and in just admitting you need help are becoming less and less of an issue as more and more men and women open up and seek appropriate and professional help.

“We are therefore delighted to announce our Mental Health & Wellbeing Vision for the company, providing access to on-demand psychologists to help find the appropriate treatment and raising awareness that it genuinely is ok not to be ok.”

Mr Kent continued: “I am really proud that Ideagen has taken this stance and is looking to help our colleagues wherever and whenever they need it. We hope this project will not only encourage colleagues to access the treatment they need, but also contribute to a more productive, transparent and positive working environment.”

Ideagen announced its mental health and wellbeing project days before Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, which runs from Monday, May 13th to Sunday, May 19th.

The company will officially launch its ‘Mental Health Vision’ project when it opens its ‘Wellbeing Room’ in Nottingham on Friday, May 17th. It will also welcome a guest speaker from ‘Harmless’ – a health, wellness and fitness charity based in Nottingham – and a Paralympic Gold medal winner in swimmer, Ollie Hynd.

Claire Dixon, Specialist Trainer at Harmless, said: “It is fantastic to see Ideagen’s commitment to breaking the stigma and silence around mental health at work, and Harmless is excited to be part of their Wellbeing Room launch in Nottingham.

“People who are overwhelmed or in distress need to have supportive environments to look after their wellbeing in every day places, such as the workplace.

“A conversation on wellbeing doesn’t have to be a specialist issue – it can be 10 minutes with someone in a safe place at work with a cup of tea. Work should and can be good for our mental health, and the correct working environment is absolutely key to this.”

Karen McDonnell, Head of RoSPA Scotland, said: “Creating conditions for people to thrive at work is fundamental in tackling the health and wellbeing challenges faced by organisations. The benefits of a blended approach creates opportunities for staff to engage and works towards improving the mental health and wellbeing on a personal and organisational level…this project is a real win win for Ideagen.”

In recent years, Ideagen has rapidly grown its operations including customer and staff numbers and geographical footprint. Since 2009, it has increased staff numbers by 5000% and now has more than 500 employees globally.