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Ideagen recognised by the Association of Professional Sales (APS)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Ideagen Plc (AIM:IDEA) has been awarded Investor in Sales status by the Association of Professional Sales (APS) for its investment in and dedication to ethical selling practices.

Ben Turner, Co-CEO of APS, presented Ideagen CEO, Ben Dorks, with the award at the company’s HQ in Nottingham.

He said: “We at the APS have been very impressed by the commitment shown by Ideagen in ensuring its sales people adhere to the highest ethical standards in sales and customer satisfaction.

“There are organisations and individuals in business that fully understand the importance, both commercially and ethically, in having recognised sales professionals in their business.

“There are few businesses who personify excellence in sales best practice like Ideagen PLC. It has been our pleasure to award Ben and his team with the recognition that the organisation’s sales team quite rightly deserves.

“Excellence runs through Ideagen and we at the APS are delighted to recognise this. Ideagen is an outstanding example of a company taking ethical sales practices extremely seriously and the organisation is a credit to our industry.”

Mr. Dorks said: “This is a great achievement by our fantastically talented sales team.

“We are fully committed to developing a code of conduct that ensures the highest standard of integrity when it comes to our sales practices and working relationships with current and prospective clients.

“Becoming an active member of APS is vitally important for our sales staff. Not only does it give them a credible and ethical template in which to operate as a sales professional, but it also provides our customers and partners with peace of mind that we are operating to an externally validated, professional standard. This builds trust in our practices and strengthens the foundations for fruitful and beneficial working relationships.”

The APS is a membership body for individuals across the global sales profession. Members are required to possess integrity, credibility and a genuine interest in helping buyers obtain the right products and services for their needs.

Ideagen – which has launched its own internal Sales Excellence Academy (iSEA) which follows APS’ practices –  joined the APS to ensure ethical sales techniques were embedded into its culture. This forms a part of Ideagen’s campaign to develop a best-in-class salesforce and deliver strong, sustainable relationships with clients.

Mr. Dorks added: “We are delighted that our work has been recognised by the APS. This is our first steps on an ongoing journey to ensure we continue to operate at the very highest ethical standards across our business.”

Rob Clinton, Sales Performance Coach at Ideagen, who created and now runs Ideagen’s iSEA, said: “We have been working extremely closely with the APS to encourage our entire sales team to become members following the successful completion of their professional registration exam.”

Mr. Clinton added: “We strongly believe that enterprise level sales is a profession which is as accountable and demanding as traditional professions such as medicine and engineering. It is key to our growth and in the best interests of our customers that we invest in delivering ethical, accountable and highly skilled sales professionals.”

PICTURE CAPTION: Ideagen’s Sales team and CEO, Ben Dorks, receive the Investor in Sales award from Ben Turner, Co-CEO, of the APS. Pictured from left; Rick Waywell, Senior Customer Account Manager; Tom Harvey, Customer Account Manager; Ben Turner; Ben Dorks; Rosie Tuttle, Senior Internal Customer Account Manager; Michelle Greenfield, Senior Internal Customer Account manager and Rob Shillaker, Sales Enablement Manager.

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