The growing urgency of corporate sustainability

In our white paper, ‘The growing urgency of corporate sustainability’, we assess the role of internal audit in driving ESG maturity and positive organisational change.

As an integral part of organisational resilience, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have come under increased scrutiny over the past couple of years. The global pandemic has, too, generated a renewed focus on ESG in the eyes of stakeholders and regulators.

Businesses are now facing mounting pressure to manage their ESG risks and provide greater transparency when it comes to reporting. But for many organisations, this hasn’t been easy.

If organisations are to remain at the forefront of corporate sustainability, strong governance will be required. This puts it high on the agenda of internal audit.

This white paper outlines:

  • The essential and varied role of internal audit in supporting businesses along their ESG journey
  • The benefits of making ESG a core priority
  • The risks and challenges associated with ESG
  • How technology can help you manage challenges and meet regulatory expectations

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