SERCO DANS work with Ideagen to improve their document, audit and CAPA processes

The challenge that DANS faced was how to continue to provide the best possible service to customers while attempting to manage their safety, compliance and quality processes through a multitude of systems. Working with a variety of separate systems had resulted in duplicated information and workload; meanwhile the company’s communication processes largely consisted of emails and telephone calls which were difficult to keep track of.

DANS were experiencing difficulties relating to visibility of data, documents, accountability and ownership of audits, CA/PA data being “lost in process” as well as the length of time it took to pull occurrence data together. Their existing document management system was complex, while documents were not easy to find and duplication was possible within the system.

Ideagen’s Q-Pulse solution was implemented by SERCO DANS for its ability to manage processes around quality and safety, namely its capability to electronically maintain and control documents, audits, non-conformances, events and event reporting.


  • Introduction of formal document management processes, including document champions and electronic signatures    
  • Quick and simple tracking and retrieval of documentation
  • Document approval times reduced
  • Pre-determined audit checklists now being used, reducing audit process
  • Set workflows for non-conformances and findings including set target dates
  • Owners of CA/PAs have clear visibility of responsibilities
  • All people and training records – such as medicals, visa renewals – all scheduled with notifications of renewal dates highlighted

DANS now have documents that can be tracked easily through the system – and with the search functions within Q-Pulse, the right information can be seen by the relevant people within a few clicks.

Brendan Ginn - Team Leader ATC Compliance
Serco DANS

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