National Bank of Georgia implements Pentana Audit to streamline their internal audit process

The National Bank of Georgia's main objective is to ensure price stability for their country which they do by implementing monetary policy. They also supervise the financial sector to facilitate financial stability, manage the country’s international reserves, run the payment and settlement system, provide cash operations, and perform and disseminate financial and external statistics. The National Bank of Georgia's internal audit service, therefore, has a crucial role in assuring that the bank’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively to achieve main goals and maintain price stability.

Pentana Audit with its fully integrated Audit and Enterprise Risk Management capabilities was identified as the perfect internal audit solution to achieve its goals.


  • Risk-based internal audits
  • Efficient and streamlined audit process
  • Time Management Effectiveness


Pentana Audit helps us understand our risk better which helps us be prepared for any type of event by enabling a continuous risk-based audit execution process. With Pentana Audit we are now more adaptable for changes and that makes us better prepared for emerging risks.

Giorgi Tchipashvili - Chief Internal Auditor
National Bank of Georgia

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