Heineken implements Pentana Audit as a scalable tool to facilitate auditing standardisation

At Heineken, the Global Audit division is seen as the organisation’s third line of defence, which reports directly into the CEO and the Audit Committee. By doing so, Global Audit are positioned to provide objective and independent assurance to improve the operations of Heineken around the globe.

Due to dramatic growth of Heineken as a whole, which saw the company more than double in size in the last six years, the audit function had to grow accordingly to reflect this. It became apparent to the Group Audit division that, inevitably, the function of audit had to be closer to their operating companies.

Heineken has noted that by implementing and using Pentana Audit to conduct their audits, the Group Audit division has been able to professionalise their operations. Furthermore, this has enabled them to achieve a structured, disciplined but flexible way of working, which was precisely their aim when moving to a specialist audit management solution.


  • Implements a consistent methodology compliant with international risk and auditing standards
  • Simplifies global deployment with installation from a website and automatic updates downloaded without user intervention
  • Optimises performance for use over a wide range of network speeds as well as working off-line to provide a true global working environment for GRC professionals
  • Pentana Audit can equally be used for Enterprise Risk Management, SOX compliance, investigations, Health and Safety or any application where risk assessment and centralised action tracking are required

Pentana was the chosen product due to the flexibility it offered us to have our process in the process of the audit management system.

Caroline Griffiths - Senior Manager, Global Audit Corporate & Professional Practice

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