Product management software

Our product management software integrates the people, processes and critical data you need to create products that satisfy your customers.


Product overview

Q-Pulse PM is a quality assurance software tool that helps manage the quality inspection and process management tasks involved in bringing new products to market. It's used by manufacturers of all sizes and industries to streamline their processes, remove variation and mistake-proof important and complex tasks.
Q-Pulse PM offers out-of-the-box standalone functionality across three dedicated toolsets designed for the needs of today’s manufacturers. Or integrate it with the primary Q-Pulse QMS software system to make your product management processes even stronger with workflow and escalation functionality.

  • Manage product data created and used in the manufacturing process
  • Reduce risks in new product introduction and development
  • Minimise tedious manual processes
  • Meet and exceed customer requirements consistently
  • Reduce the time and cost of creating common reports, including first article inspection, PPAP and device master records


Key features of Q-Pulse PM include:

Manufacturing process planning & inspection

Bill of Materials assembly, visibility and management

Product requirement management

Supply chain collaboration and quality report adherence toolkit

PPAP part submission warrant creation

Smart integration with digital manufacturing tools (CMM) and with Q-Pulse

Notification of at-risk PPAP and NPI tasks

Issue tracking and action management

Q-Pulse FAIR

Our FAIR management software mistake-proofs and reduces the cost of producing your First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs). Eliminate tedious manual processes and slice your FAIR creation time by up to 75%. 

  • Product requirement management 
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) 
  • Non-conformance report generation, linked to Q-Pulse QMS 
  • Visual mistake-proofing identifies missing information and out-of-tolerance results 
  • Automatic population of AS9102B & other inspection form templates 
  • Electronic signatures
  • Electronic document packages
  • Ballooning up characteristics to automatically populate the inspection report

Q-Pulse NPI

Our customisable NPI management software is used by manufacturers to establish and manage a gated process for implementing new parts and assemblies. Gain complete control and visibility of your NPI processes to stamp out non-conformances and maximise product quality. 

  • Build and manage a configurable list of tasks to support your end-to-end NPI process 
  • Augment task information by attaching key documents and spreadsheets 
  • Set individual or departmental responsibilities to drive actions to completion 
  • Unlock at-a-glance visibility of your operation’s NPI progress with colour-coded snapshots 

Q-Pulse PPAP

Our PPAP management software streamlines and strengthens your PPAP processes for new parts and product line changes. Drive end-to-end approval pathways for fast turnaround, high-quality product creation. 

  • Create process flow diagrams, FMEAs and control plans quickly and easily 
  • Set lead times and be notified of tasks at risk 
  • Access FMEA libraries for quick population 
  • Output professional PPAP reports for your customers 

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