Bid and Proposal Management Software

Simplify your creation process and produce business winning documents with secure, web-based, easy to use bid and proposal management software. 


Why should I use bid and proposal software?

Bid and proposal management is key to winning new business, and the quality, consistency and on-time delivery of documents is vital to that success. Our bid and proposal creation software provides simple, easy to use tools to give your company a competitive edge. Save time, save money and focus on content that wins business.

Higher quality proposals

Be confident in your compliance, with tighter checks and validation.

Meet tight deadlines more easily

Automatic processes make it faster to collate and review comments.

Cut the costs of proposals

One system supports your whole process, without the paperwork and travel.

Work together, wherever you are

Contribute to documents anywhere, anytime from multiple devices.

Automated progress tracking and reminders

Make sure everyone is up to date with works in progress and can easily see the details of what's been done and when. Get progress updates at a glance and let automatic notifications take over the need to chase people. 



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Secure document access

Both internal and external contributors can access documents without compromising the security of sensitive information. Logging in to the system in a secure web environment ensures the document only reaches approved personnel. 


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Handles multiple formats

Navigate between different types of documents with ease. Work in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images and more to ensure each type of document benefits from the same level of collaboration. 

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Collaborate in real-time

Co-author, edit and review with your team, wherever they are. See comments and edits as they happen, with everyone working from one version. 

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Full version control

Working from a single document allows you to easily track and manage all suggested changes. It ensures that all data is recorded in the system to give a comprehensive audit trail of the actions taken. 


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See our software in action 

Find out how our software helps to manage bids and proposals.

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