Working at Ideagen can help push your career in the right direction. If you’ve ever flown in a plane, been in hospital, or even given blood, there’s a good chance we’ve helped keep you safe. We’re one of the most exciting and fastest growing software companies in the world, so if you are looking to begin your Tech career or thinking of reskilling into a Tech role, we think the Ideagen Apprenticeship Programme could be right for you.

Find Your Perfect Apprenticeship

Our programme (working in partnership with Nottingham Trent University) offers you the opportunity to work and study, completing a Level 6 Digital Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprentice while simultaneously applying your learning in the real world and earning in the process.

In addition, you will get access to our first class Learning and Development Programme which offers a wide range of learning opportunities including interactive soft skills workshops, professional coaching and further development opportunities- all designed to help you enhance your career!

Download our programme to find out what’s involved. If you have any questions, contact our Learning and Development Team today at


Jason Webb Research & Innovation

The Research and Innovation Department leads innovation within Ideagen and beyond. We are a team with a broad remit to revolutionize the way software is developed and the way our business is run.

Working closely with the product management team and other key parts of the business, we constantly look ahead in both the business and technology landscapes to help move Ideagen forwards.

We use modern machine learning techniques to help customers get the most from the data we hold, in areas such as machine vision, natural language processing and deep neural nets. We also look at wearable technology and mixed reality solutions to help our customer’s staff have a safer working environment.

We attend leading technology conferences to keep up to date with latest trends. We speak at conferences and publish examples of our work externally through white papers when appropriate.

Dan Chambers Development

The Senior Development Team (SDT) is currently a rather small team which we are looking to grow over the coming months.

We work both alongside and within the Research and Innovation function to deliver value across all of the products of the Ideagen portfolio, some examples of projects that are currently in flight are:

  • Cloud Architecture Authentication model – Creating a generic authentication (user login) model which can be used across all strategic products
  • Ideagen Data Warehousing – Implementing a data warehouse for centralising product data. This will allow us to better support analytical reporting, structured and/or ad hoc queries and decision making for out suite.
Ian Hepworth Service Delivery

Infrastructure Operations department in short, is responsible for Internal IT and Product Hosting (SaaS), these are split out into 4 main areas:

  • IT Service Desk
  • Enterprise Architecture – Corporate (EA-Corp)
  • Enterprise Architecture – Product (EA-Prod)
  • CloudOps

The first two areas (Service and EA-Corp) support Ideagen’s internal users, from items such as desktop, hardware and software support, to larger more complex systems and services, such as networking, comms, VOIP and servers. These teams focus on software, technology and tooling largely based around the Microsoft suite of products from Desktop, server OS’s to Office 365, and infrastructure in Azure with some Cisco thrown in for good measure.

Our EA-Prod team work closely with our R&I, Dev and CloudOps team to ensure the future products are using the best technology available to us, and are involved in the technical due diligence when it comes to our acquisitions.

Our CloudOps team are responsible for running Ideagen’s hosting service (SaaS), keeping our applications such as Q-Pulse, Coruson, PleaseReview and the Pentana suite available to our customer around the clock. This team uses a range of technologies and cloud technology, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Matt Ward Mobile Development

In our team we develop and maintain 4 mobile applications ‘Coruson’, ‘Q-Pulse’, ‘Coruson Reporting’ and ‘Scannell’ covering iOS, Android & UWP and published on Amazon, Apple, Play and Microsoft Store utilised by companies including British Airways, Air Asia, RyanAir, Jaguar Landrover.

The functionality of all the applications surround governance risk and compliance and provide a facility for front line staff to report incident/risks and take preventative actions with auditing facilities, which are submitted to our SAAS products. We use Agile and Scrum as a mechanism to manage development and releases

Our Mobile Development Team is comprised of:

  • 5 Developers – Responsible for development, unit testing, peer review, building pipelines, Javascript and Xamarin Forms
  • 2 Testers – Who carry out exploratory testing and automated testing
  • 2 Business Analysts – They define requirements and clarify questions with customers and product owners
Tim Moore UX & Design

We provide design thinking and user experience services to other parts of the business. We advocate for the user in the design of our software to make sure it is intuitive, engaging, accessible and promotes quality - a key part of the Ideagen brand.

We have two staff types within UX & Design:

  • UI Designer – produces the graphical elements for our design system in web and mobile and has control over how the product looks and feels.
  • UX Consultant – performs user research to test the usability of our designs and uses the design system to produce user journeys and high-fidelity mockups and protoypes for the developers to build.

We have recently finished the initial design phase our new user interface called Helix. Our UX consultants have produced a re-skin of our Pentana Compliance product and are currently working on new mobile and web versions of our existing software.