Your Journey to Operational Excellence

By Lisa Craig

I’m assuming by visiting this blog you may already be familiar with Ideagen, it’s even possible that you are in the process of using our products as you read this very article! But even if you don’t know who we are, you will quickly recognise that our company and its solutions are designed to help organisations more effectively manage Quality, Safety and Risk. This might look slightly different for each business we work alongside owing to their individual needs but it boils down to getting an organisation into the position where they can focus on what they can do better rather than continually having to deal with what has gone wrong.

When you chat with someone from Ideagen you may hear us refer to the idea of a ‘Maturity Model’ (diagram is below). This helps us to understand where your business is located on its journey towards reaching its goals , which could be:

  • Aiming to easily demonstrate compliance to standards
  • Reducing the risk of accidents happening
  • Gathering more meaningful data in order to make more informed decisions

Each of these goals can be achieved by using our solution - but it’s important to remember that each stage builds on the success and processes established at the preceding level as we strive towards the lofty ambition of ‘Operational Excellence.'

Quality Management and Beyond

Each organisation is different and only a few will be at the point where they need every aspect of our solution, the maturity of your business can typically be determined by your existing systems, processes and, quite simply, what you are looking to accomplish.

As you might have noticed from our graphic, the second stage has been described as ‘Safety/Reporting'. This often gets linked to OHSAS 18001 (set to be  ISO 45001) and a number of Health & Safety requirements where it’s necessary to implement formal procedures in order to reduce the risks found in a working environment (and rightly so). Also, the functionality is an excellent way to extend the reporting capabilities of an organisation. My only issue with this label, and its safety based connotations, is that it simply does not do the reporting functionality and its limitless potential any justice!

Electronic Reporting

The very essence of our  Mandatory Reporting System is that it will allow you to replicate your paper forms electronically. Let’s take a step back for a second to appreciate the significance of this. It means that, rather than using a spreadsheet to record customer feedback, you can complete a custom form which you will have designed from the ground up instead. This form can be surfaced online via  web reporting to allow any employee or indeed your own customers (if you’re brave enough!), to submit the feedback which is then classified and routed directly to the appropriate individual to investigate the issue through to closure. By submitting an electronic form like this, you have the advantage of producing a more powerful analysis because you can break down any field (as long as it’s not free text). This allows you to analyse feedback by type, the product line it relates to, who raised it and so on.

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