SMCR guide: a quick introduction to advancing your SMCR compliance

Now that you have established SMCR compliance within your organisation, this SMCR guide introduces how you can move away from using manual processes to maintain compliance and future proof these activities.

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What did your year one of SMCR look like?

Take a moment to review and analyse how your organisation implemented the SMCR requirements and gave assurance to the FCA. Many firms had areas which were challenging and time consuming- what would you want to improve on to make compliance activities go smoother in the long run?

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Key takeaways

Year one overview

We map out some of the common challenges firms experienced in reaching SMCR compliance

Discover the benefits of technology

Find out how the right solution can support the way you manage compliance

How to use technology to your advantage

An outline of what you can use SMCR software for in order to make everything easier

Download your quick start guide

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